who we are

Continuously develop clever and creative content to excite your customers

Kambiance is in the business of developing strong, solid designs to engage your customers to want your services. Whether through web development, web applications, search engine optimization, video, and photography. We are a small, Chrisitian based, IT firm able to focus on your specific requirements. We are able to dedicate our time and attention to your needs and strive to keep you as a lifelong partner.

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our history

  • 2005 -
    Launched Web Design & Development Company
  • 2006 -
    Initate and develop website using highly complex code for an educational web application. Also refocus to expand into the government market by pursuing government contracts and partnering with exisiting companies in the government arena.
  • 2007 -
    Develop web sites for small innovative business for a number of different industries, which include IT, Beauty & Makeup, and Retail.
  • 2009 -
    Increase service offerings to include search engine optimization package in order to asist client(s) in gaining more customers and grow their customer base.
  • 2012 -
    Expand offerings to provide full gamet of video production services. These services include building studio sets, lights, camera, special effects edited video, and live streaming.


Randy Williams
TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc.
"We have updates after updates. Kambiance quickly understood our needs, able to immediately perform the changes, and provided valuable input to create a visually pleasing look. We do not have the time for website modifications but our clients always see a current and well polished website, thanks to Kambiance, LLC."
Dimitra Hengen
Alpha Omega Translations
"Ms. Hicks has exceeded my expectations. The work was performed on time and the process was effortless and seamless on my part. In addition to the updates I requested, to my surprise Ms. Hicks added a slideshow to the Home Page. She found additional images stored on my hosting server and decided to put the images to good use. I love it!"